It is the dawn of the 25th century. Humanity reached for the stars as it struggled with the lack of planetary resources and overpopulation. In its quest for freedom and a new hope, it came into contact with a number of alien races: the peaceful Thalassians, with their bio-tecnologically enhanced bodies and aquatic civilization; the psionic Saurkar whose bodies change color to mimic their emotions and the powerful Kresh Empire, an aggressive, theocratic civilization of reptilian-like humanoids.

The year is 2438. After a 10-year long war, the Kresh and Humanity finally are at peace, albeit a fragile one. The time has come for Humanity to reclaim its place in the Galaxy.

This wiki details my on-going campaign of Savage Worlds set in a homebrew futuristic setting. It chronicles the voyages of Arcadia, a diplomatic vessel, throughout the galaxy. The campaign centers mostly on exploration of new and old ciilizations and the precarious relations between Humanity and the alien races as it struggles to gain a foothold in the galaxy. There will be intrigue on a galactic scale as each episodic adventure reveals a bit more about the setting.